Why You Need Music in Your Office

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 8th October 2015

Why You Need Music in Your Office

In this post we’ll take a closer look into the key benefits of having music playing in the office and why it is something you should definitely consider, especially if the only musical beats you currently have playing is the sound of the telephones ringing.

If you have had a hard time convincing your boss that you need to have music in the office, we might just be able to sway their mind if you send them a link to this page!


It puts people in a good mood

First things first, for staff to be motivated they need to be in a good mood when they are in the office. We haven’t ever come across anyone who is highly motivated but constantly in a bad mood as soon as they walk through the door (standard Monday morning blues aside).

It is proven that listening to music has an impact on your mood. By letting your staff listen to their upbeat tunes it should help to put them in a more upbeat frame of mind. Not only will this more positive mindset leave staff feeling more energetic, it can also give them that extra lift and added motivation, which boosts productivity.


Music can provide an escape

If you work in a particularly busy, open plan office, sometimes the chatter of the person on the phone next to you can be a distraction. Instead, if you could put a set of headphones on and eliminate the constant background noise you’d be much happier.

Headphones in such situations are invaluable as you’ll be able to limit distractions and have a much stronger focus on your work, which will only help to increase productivity and efficiency within the business.


Creativity can be developed

Any business is all for a boost in creativity and choosing the appropriate type of music is key to getting those creative juices flowing.

Opt for a mellow sound in the background of your brainstorming sessions and you should find the creative parts of your brain become slightly more unhinged.


Which music genres work best?

Like we said earlier, music can have a great impact on your mood and general energy levels. Different genres serve specific purposes, for example you won’t find many people who go on an intense run whilst listening slow paced music.

With this in mind, what genres tend to work best for helping to motivate staff and increase productivity?


Studies have shown that listening to music from the Baroque-period provide a huge boost to productivity and this is just one of the reasons why classical music is a popular choice.

Classical music doesn’t tend to have lyrics either and because of this listeners aren’t encouraged to sing or mime along and can instead solely focus on their work.


Electronic is another popular choice. If you haven’t listened to electronic music before we would certainly recommend taking a look through your Google Play or Spotify accounts to see what’s on offer.

Chill-out and ambient house are particularly effective as, much like classical, they never take over your thought process.

Ultimately you want to stick to music that motivates you and is unobtrusive. We are in the game of improving motivation and ultimately productivity, so the songs that you have blasting in your car to rock along to on the commute probably won’t serve you best at work.