What to Look for When Searching for a Serviced Office

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 27th September 2013
What to Look for When Searching for a Serviced Office

 If you’re starting out in business, you’ve obviously thought about where you are going to run your business from, if you’ve decided not to lease because it’s too expensive and you don’t want to work from home because it’s too distracting, your best option would be a Serviced Office. It costs less than a lease and you’re not going to be constantly disturbed by your friends, neighbours or your dog. Most Serviced Offices provide what you need, but there are things you should consider when you start looking: 

·       Location – This is important for you and for the impression you want to give about your business. If you want to impress, then look for a Serviced Office in London with a prestigious address. You can look in Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Mayfair.  If you want to be near all transport connections, look to Canary Wharf, which is near to London City Airport. If you have client’s that like to drive, make sure that the offices have visitors parking available. 

·       Facilities – It goes without saying that you need a desk, a chair and a broadband connection. But, you might also need a conference room available on an hourly basis, photocopying and secretarial support.  If you don’t want your client’s to know your business is still small, you might prefer to work in an unbranded office, which has a Receptionist who will meet and greet clients for you and pass through your phone calls. That way nobody will know quite how much of the office is actually yours. 

·       Scope to Expand – You might only need one desk and chair at the moment, but if your business expands you will need extra space. If you pick somewhere which offers offices of varying sizes, you can stay where you are if you like it, you will just need to move to a different part of the building if necessary. This might be preferable than leaving a location you like altogether and having to look for new office space all over again. 

·       Extras – If you would like to work in a Serviced Office that also has its own Gym, or is close to a swimming pool, or squash court, shops or the cinema, then make sure you check that these facilities are available or close by when you look at the office. Most serviced office are in purpose built blocks or have been converted from older buildings, but they will all have modern furnishings and good quality equipment. Once you have found where you want to be, sign the contract, pay your rent and start work.