The Growth of Serviced Offices

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 1st October 2013
The Way Business will Work in the Future

The demand for Serviced Offices shows no sign of slowing and has bucked the trend in the economic turndown, by becoming more popular, in the UK and abroad. A recent report has stated that within the next five years the number of people using serviced offices is set to double, good news indeed for property investors. 

The reason for its popularity is mainly based on cost. Start-up companies, in particular don’t want to blow their whole budget on office space and equipment, but at the same time they don’t want to be stuck in some dark and gloomy building on the wrong side of town. Serviced Offices offer the best of both worlds. 

You pay only for the space you need on a monthly basis. As you don’t have to shell out all your savings on a lease, you can afford to use the money on the rental of a serviced office in a decent area, with modern facilities and at an affordable price. Some people may argue that buying or leasing an office is a better option for the future, but the number of people now using serviced offices contradicts this opinion. The fact is that Serviced Offices can provide flexibility, comfort, prestige, great facilities and convenience. 


You can rent a serviced office on a monthly basis, which means if your business expands and you need more space, or, you decide you don’t like the location after all; moving is not a problem. There are no lengthy contracts or leases.


A good serviced office will be set in a purpose built office block, or a quality conversion. The furnishings will be modern and comfortable and the equipment will be new and simple to use.


If you want an address that will impress, you can rent a serviced office in an area that is well known for its wealthy residents and its luxurious properties.


Serviced offices normally have a kitchen area and some now have on site Gyms, or are close to Health Clubs or Swimming Pools. Working facilities include photocopiers, secretarial assistance, IT support and a Reception.


Once you’ve found the serviced office space you want to rent. You can literally move in within a day. No waiting around and no wasted time. Just plug in your phone and turn on your computer.