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Posted by: Victor Pardis on 30th September 2013
Serviced offices that offer that little bit more

Serviced Offices offer a number of facilities that might not have been available to you, had you decided to lease your own office. 

Apart from the convenience of being able to start work immediately, you can also pick and choose where you want to work, without being so constrained by your budget.  

If you had to rent a leasehold office it may well be that you couldn’t afford the location you really wanted or the type of office you would prefer. Nowadays people aren’t prepared to work in sub- standard conditions, they want nice surroundings, up to date equipment and good facilities. In order to provide that little bit extra, a number of companies providing serviced offices, now include leisure facilities as part of the office rental costs. 

If you like to blow off some steam before, after or even during your working day, what better way to do it than by a session in the Gym, and all without having to leave your office building. An office with a basement for example can make use of this space by converting it into an on-site Gymnasium. 

The serviced offices that offer this facility, usually keep the gym open on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week. As well as state of the art equipment, there are also changing facilities and showers. It saves you a significant amount of money in fees and you can use it whenever you like, without the hassle of travelling. In London, especially around the city and the more expensive locations, you will find serviced office with health clubs, cafeterias, restaurants and lounges. 

Many serviced offices are also renting out hot desks, so don’t think you have to miss out just because you’re not renting an office. As well as being a modern, comfortable environment to work in, you’ll also have a much better opportunity to meet people who are in the same or, a similar business to yourself. This means that you can bounce ideas of your co-workers and do some valuable networking. 

If you work long hours, you deserve to have an office space that provides not only the best in office equipment and furnishings, but somewhere you can get rid of the stresses and strains of the day, or just a place where you can think. You deserve a serviced office with a plus.