How Co-Working Spaces are Transforming London's Workscape

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 14th January 2020
How Co-Working Spaces are Transforming London's Workscape

Today’s technology-driven landscape has rapidly changed the job space and nowhere is this transformation more visible than in the rise of co-working spaces across the world.

From Fortune 500 companies to freelancers, start-ups and digital nomads, everyone is jumping aboard the co-working wagon.

Initially dismissed as a fad back in 2005, when the concept of co-working spaces was first introduced, the exceptional flexibility and the sustainable efficiency of these spaces have made them an incredibly popular choice and London is not far behind.

In fact, the United Kingdom alone had over 5000 co-working spaces in 2019 and statistics further indicate that globally, co-working spaces could almost double up from 26,000 in 2017 to 49, 500 by 2022.

So, whether you are on board or not, the co-working concept is here to stay. After all, what’s not to like about flexible working spaces? They are a highly economical option and offer a warm community environment that promotes productivity.

When we talk about office space in London, the trends are not different, with more and more people switching to self-employment and with offices offering more flexible working hours, the workforce is moving on to managed offices in co-working spaces.

Combining the best parts of cafe culture, members' club and serviced offices, co-working spaces create an environment that offers inclusion and diversity, thereby truly representing today’s multicultural workforce.

Here’s why London’s workforce is migrating to co-working spaces:

Synergistic Collaboration:

Co-working spaces are hotspots of synergistic collaboration, freelancers can choose to work on individual projects or collaborate with others on larger projects. One of the most common issues faced by freelancers and independent workers is isolation; a co-working space offers one the perfect place to work and socialise. .

The same applies to small and large businesses, renting space in a co-working workplace opens up numerous networking opportunities.

So, with co-working offices, you get an environment where the possibility of greater productivity through synergistic efforts is literally just around the corner.


The main advantage of co-working spaces is, of course, the lower cost of operations due to the lower rent charges and shared resources. However, lower costs do not mean a lack of amenities or poor management; on the contrary, co-working spaces are some of the best-managed offices in London.

When you rent a co-working space, you get a place which already has all the essentials for an office and you no longer have to dig deep into your pockets and hire 5 to 7 different services just to get your business up and running. You can simply rent a space as per your convenience with their flexible membership models and move on without being tied down by bulky office equipment or rental agreements.

A Host of Exciting Amenities: Co-working space doesn’t just provide you with the basic requirements of an office, these futuristic spaces are counted amongst the best luxury serviced offices in London.

From artisan coffee to yoga/meditation rooms and food service to the desk, these spaces aim to create a relaxing environment for workers with extra emphasis on hospitality and wellness.

Apart from providing a host of recreational spaces, co-working offices also offer services like a daycare centre, an in-house chartered accountant to handle your finances, pet daycares and even banking services including tie-ups for loans or business accounts. These are truly the workplaces of the future!

Today’s technology-driven landscape has rapidly changed the job space and nowhere is this transformation more visible than in the rise of co-working spaces across the world.

The one thing that impresses you about co-working spaces right at the start is their amazing interiors. Each new place that opens, seeks to do something innovative and different in a bid to outdo the others; you can opt for an exposed brick facade building with vintage vibes, a picturesque Victorian space or modern green spaces with indoor gardens and eco-friendly resources.

Be it your standards sitting desks or standing desks, couches and even beanbags, there’s something here for everyone.

Niche Workplaces:

If the fabulous interiors weren’t enough, co-working spaces also offer specialised spaces that are customised to specific needs: you can opt for hybrid offices where large companies rent alongside freelancers and independent workers or work at spaces that are exclusively designed for freelancers or a specific industry like game developers, etc. In fact, women-only co-working spaces are also coming up with additional support services and facilities for working mothers.

In the age of a shared digital economy and cloud computing, how we work and the spaces where we work are all witnessing a radical transformation. Just like cloud computing

transformed the digital space, co-working spaces are transforming traditional workplaces and serviced offices in London.

So, if you are searching for office space in London, you must make sure to give co-working office spaces a try!