Six of the best office pranks you will see

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 3rd June 2014

Six of the best office pranks you will see

You can’t beat a good communal office prank on a slow, boring work day. Providing nobody is too humiliated, pranks can be an excellent way to boost morale and are sure to keep you entertained. 

A sign of a good prank is something that can be set up quickly and easily. In most circumstances you’ll only have a few short moments to prepare the whole thing – toilet breaks, meetings, etc. – so planning is key. If you’re looking for some inspiration, these six classic office pranks are a great place to start.

The Unresponsive Desktop

There’s nothing funnier than watching a co-worker get genuinely angry at their computer screen. If you’ve ever been subject to the unresponsive desktop prank, then you’ll know just how frustrating it can be. With this prank you must take a snapshot of your victim’s desktop, and then set it as their background wallpaper. Once you lock the taskbar and make all of the icons disappear, they won’t be able to click on anything. For a full guide on how to set up this prank visit Instructables.

The Air Horn Office Chair

If you really want to scare someone, you must try the air horn office chair. I like to think of this prank as an evolution of the whoppee cushion; it’s louder, more concealed; and definitely more embarrassing. Simply use zip ties to attach an air horn to the base of your victim’s chair. When everything is securely in place, put the chair on the lowest setting so it presses down the air horn trigger. When your co-worker pulls the lever to raise the chair higher, they’ll be in for a nasty shock.

Extreme Pop-Culture Fandom

We all have celebrities that we just can’t stand the sight of, and no doubt you know a few people in the office who have an innate hatred towards someone specific. Office cubicles and desks are often places that express love – family photos, children’s drawings, etc. – so the next time one of your co-workers has a day off, cover their workspace with pictures and mementos from one of their least favourite icons.

Bieber fan or hater?   Image Credit: Prankked

The Jelly Stapler

If you’ve ever seen The Office, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. In the first episode, Tim Canterbury (Martin Freeman) puts Gareth Keenan’s (McKenzie Crook) stapler inside a bowl of jelly, prompting the infamous David Brent (Ricky Gervais) line: “Eat it out. There are people starving in the world, which I hate... and it's a waste ...” To pull this simple prank yourself, just bring a few packets of jelly to work and nab some of your co-worker’s stationary when they turn their back. Prepare the jelly, put their stationary inside and wait for it to set. Once complete put your creation back in their drawer. If they’ve seen The Office before, they’ll definitely have a chuckle at their own expense.

The Donut Lie

Everybody loves donuts and when someone brings a nice box of glazed pastries into work it literally feels like Christmas. This prank is cruel no doubt, but seeing people get angry and argue over a donut is quite amusing to the outsider. If you don’t mind being the unpopular one for a few hours, tell your co-workers that there is a box of donuts in the conference room. Just remember, their excitement will turn to distraught when they’re faced with an empty box and single donut.

Dinosaur in the Office

Whether it’s fake or not, this prank certainly deserves the number one spot. We’ve all imagined how terrifying a real-life Jurassic Park situation would be, and if you have a spare thousand pounds or so, you could make it a reality – at least for one unlucky co-worker. A hidden camera gameshow in Japan took it to the extreme. When office workers came strolling in one morning it wasn’t just the screams that confused them, but the 8-foot baby t-rex that came charging down the corridor at them! For a man in a dinosaur suit it looks surprisingly lifelike, especially at first glance. The video of the victims has since gone viral and can be seen on YouTube here: Japanese Dinosaur Office Prank.

You can’t beat a decent well-timed office prank. If you’re looking for ways to boost employee morale and raise spirits during boring spells of work, feel free to loosen up and have a bit of fun. You’ll be surprised by how much more productive your employees will be after having a laugh during work hours. 

The charging dinosaur is the most elaborate, yet brilliant prank of all.  Image Credit: Huffington Post