Shared Offices

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 14th October 2013
Here are five positive reasons why it does: 

·      Cost – When you are starting up a new business, you need your cash to get the business off the ground, rather than having to use your budget on an office lease. Shared offices are rented on a monthly basis and office furniture and a broadband connection are included. You don’t need to pay a Receptionist or a Secretary because Serviced Offices provide these facilities. You just pay for them when you need them. 

·      Collaboration – If you pick your office space somewhere where there are other businesses that are similar to yours, you will probably find, that the clients who use the services of one business, might need other services too. People who work around you are more likely to recommend your services to their clients once they have got to know you. For example a client wanting a website designed, might ask the web designer if he knows someone who can do the content for his website, or even his business accounts. If you are sharing an office together you can connect and pass on any clients who need a different service.  

·      Talent – Being surrounded by people in a similar situation to your own, usually means that there is plenty of creativity and energy within the workspace. So you can brainstorm an idea with others who have similar ideas and help each other. This is something you just can’t do at home, unless you’ve got a very brainy, talking pet.  

·      Networking – Meeting new people and creating contacts is vital in business and that’s something that’s hard to do if you are working alone. A shared office always has a coffee area and when you’re taking a break, you’ll get the chance to network and make those important new contacts. 

·      Confidence – Working in a serviced office will make you more confident and self-assured with clients. Just knowing that if a client wants to visit, you have the facilities to accommodate them, in pleasant, modern surroundings; they are going to be impressed and you will feel more confident and professional. 

There are pros and cons to every working situation, but Serviced Offices are a practical solution for any business owner on a budget.