Serviced Offices and Hot Desks

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 25th September 2013
Be Part of The World at Work 

Back in the day, if you worked for yourself, it usually mean, working alone at the kitchen table or in some draughty garage with one window and a three bar electric fire for heat. If you wanted your own office space, you had to find the money for a lease and in all probability you ended up paying for more space than you really needed. Nowadays things have changes and working for yourself doesn’t mean you’re an outcast, alone all day with only the radio for company. Serviced offices in London, and Hot Desks, give you the desk space you need, but with the possibility of working alongside other people. 

Serviced Offices 

Serviced Offices are ideal for start-ups and small business, which may expand in the future. 

Hot Desks 

Hot Desks are perfect for people who don’t work a full day, or every day. Whether you work in the morning, afternoon or evening a hot desk will be a cheaper option than renting office space. Both concepts have considerable advantages over a traditional Leasehold office: 


Firstly there’s the budget - you pay a monthly fee for your office space and Hot Desks can be rented for the number of days you will use it in a month. Facilities like a broadband connection are usually included and then, if you need any other services like the use of a photocopier or secretarial support you can pay an extra charge on a as you need it basis. You know how much you need to find at the end of the month and there are no costly surprises to eat into your budget. 


Secondly, you have flexibility – As you pay monthly, you can stay as long as you like. If you love where you are, then you can stay as long as you need to, but, if you find you are expanding and you need more space, there’s no problem about moving on. This also applies if you want to change location, you just give the requisite notice and when it’s up, you go. It’s that flexible. 


Thirdly – You have people around you -Working in an office amongst other people means that you are more likely to find someone else who is in the same or similar, line of business.  You can make valuable connections and new friendships.   


Lastly, you get to choose where you work in London. If you’re business is financial, you might prefer the city, or Canary Wharf. If you want somewhere prestigious, Mayfair or Knightsbridge are ideal locations and if you like the thought of somewhere up and coming, you can try the East End. London really is your oyster. Whether you decide to rent a Serviced Offices in London, or look for a hot desk; you can be assured that the building will be modern, the decor stylish and the price will be much more affordable than a traditional leased office.