Save Money with Serviced Office Space In London

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 27th August 2013

Save Money with Serviced Office Space In London

And, the best place to have a business presence is in London. Renting serviced office space in London isn’t as expensive as you might think and it will give your business the edge on your competitors out of town. A serviced office in London can be as little as 400 pounds a month, it depends on the location. Obviously a city address is going to be more expensive than in other parts of London, but the one thing that all serviced offices in London have in common is the central location, close to all transport connections and amenities. These things will be appreciated by your customers, especially if they are visiting from abroad.

Save on Set-Up Costs with Serviced Offices

A London serviced office will save you at least 50% of the set-up costs of a leasehold property. Apart from the lease you need to find the money to set up the utilities, furnish the office and employ a receptionist, or a secretary. A serviced London office already has everything you need in place. You rent the space and the number of desks you require. On top of this you can pay for the use of the photocopier, secretarial and IT support and conference rooms on a pay as you use basis. This means you aren’t shelling out for space you don’t need and administrative support you rarely use. The monthly cost of a serviced office won’t have any hidden extras and you won’t be responsible for maintaining the building, so it’s much easier to budget. Renting a serviced office in London

also gives you the flexibility to change locations or expand your office space if necessary, without having to wait until your lease has expired. You simply give the required amount of notice and you are able to move to another London location, or even to a different part of the same building. Renting serviced office space gives you the freedom to pick and choose where you work. Saving money on office equipment, furniture and staff will allow you spend a little bit more on a better location. You will also save yourself a great deal of time. If your rent a London serviced office, once you have paid the deposit and signed the contract you can plug in your computer and your phone and get on with what’s important. Making your business a success.

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