How to Quickly Establish a London Presence with Serviced Offices

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 23rd August 2013

How to Quickly Establish a London Presence with Serviced Offices

Trying to be professional, whilst showing someone up into the spare room, just won’t cut it. If you really want to gain the respect of your customers, you need to find yourself a serviced office. A London serviced office, or indeed a central London serviced office will be an ideal location. It provides a wide range of transport options, which is important if your customers need to visit you from abroad.

What to look out for in serviced offices in London?

• Look for a London rented office that suits your needs. Find the perfect serviced office in Central London or nearby. East London is becoming increasingly popular and rents are lower than the city. 

Serviced London offices are fully furnished, with a broadband connection. Office equipment like photocopiers, and administrative help from a secretarial pool are also supplied on a ‘pay as you use’ basis. This means you literally pay the rent, choose a desk and plug in your phone and computer. You can be working within minutes. 

Serviced offices mean that you are working alongside other freelancers and small businesses. This makes it easier to network and new contacts may bring in valuable new business opportunities. 

• You have a professional presence working from a London serviced office. Customers will have much more confidence in your business, if they can see a busy working environment in pleasant surroundings. • Unbranded Offices have the advantage when it comes to impressing customers. They won’t know that you are only renting a small part of the office and it will give the impression that you are running a very successful business. 

Renting a Serviced office in London means that you can work from a better location and in more comfortable surroundings than if you had to use your budget to include a lease, office furniture, IT and secretarial support, broadband and utility bills. • Renting a London serviced office means that you know exactly how much you need to pay out every month. There are no hidden expenses. The responsibility is out of your hands, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Search for your ideal serviced office space in London

London office space is easy to find and it is the perfect solution if you want to start work straightaway. Plug and Play rent, fully furnished and in a pleasant environment. All you need in one simple package.