How Serviced Offices Are Changing the Face of Modern Business

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 27th June 2019

How Serviced Offices Are Changing the Face of Modern Business 

In the past decade, Serviced Offices London have witnessed double digit growth as more and more business owners have realised their superiority to traditional office spaces.

But what is the attraction of these executive offices?

Variety and flexibility

No matter the type of business you run and the sector you work in, there are a wide range of managed offices to meet your business needs from a single room to an entire building.

Unlike traditional office spaces, you are not tied down to a long lease so you can rent for as long as you need to. This is ideal if your business has experienced a period of expansion and you require some extra offices for an interim period. It’s equally attractive if you wish to rent some office space for a project-based team in a specific area until a contract has been fulfilled.


If you are a start-up business owner or are planning to expand, the expenses can be exorbitant. The beauty of serviced offices is that they come equipped with everything you need from all the furnishings to in-spec IT and telecoms systems. Once you move in, your business can be up and running without delay, leaving you to keep on top of all your work commitments.

You also have the option to take out short-term leases for Serviced Offices Central London in prestigious areas which you would otherwise have been unable to afford in the long term. Not only will this make an excellent impression on potential clients but it will also give you a valuable opportunity to network with other businesses in the area.

There are many hidden expenses to conventional leases. With serviced offices, monthly fees are completely transparent so you can budget much more easily.

Range of optional extra facilities

Many office facilities such as conference rooms might be rarely used but still have to be paid for in conventional office leases. However, with managed offices, optional services and facilities can be leased exactly when you need them. This saves you money as you aren’t paying for amenities which aren’t needed on a daily basis.

Advertising, interviewing and hiring admin, cleaning and maintenance staff can be a long procedure. Managed offices leases can include all this extra support with experienced personnel who don’t need to be supervised. With the day-to-day office-based tasks being done for you, this gives you the time to concentrate on your business concerns.

Depending on the needs of your sector, serviced offices can also be leased with other equipment and facilities such as cutting-edge AV equipment, photocopiers, postal services, CCTV cameras and catering facilities. In short, everything that you could possibly need to make a success of your business. And of course, you would not be responsible for maintenance and/or paying for repairs to costly office equipment, allowing you to plough all profits back into the business.

Whatever the sector or industry you work in and whatever the size of your company, serviced offices are the most convenient, quickest and most cost-effective way to procure office space.