How Rented Desk Space Can Benefit Your Start-Up

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 26th August 2013

How Rented Desk Space Can Benefit Your Start-Up

But, there are a hundred other things to do first, which will take up your valuable time and your resources. Firstly you will have to find premises, and office space in London tailored to your exact needs won’t be easy to find. If you do find somewhere, you then have to wait for the Lease to be signed before you can move in and after that there’s the office furniture, utilities and broadband connection to organise. But, there is a way to avoid all this hassle and get on with your job straightaway, and that is to look for London office space to rent, instead of leasing.

Why rent London desk space?

Renting a London desk space has numerous advantages: 

• Prestige – A Central London address will give your business recognition, which is vital when you’re starting out. Working from home, or from a unit in the middle of nowhere without public transport connections won’t impress your customers. London office space is near to rail, road and air connections, which is vital if you have customers from abroad. 

• Flexibility – If you want a London address, you’ll need the money for the Lease, and then you have to make sure that you find the right premises. It’s no good signing a five a year lease, and then a year down the line realising that there’s not enough office space, or you’re in the wrong part of London. Central London office spaces may not be as cheap as other locations, but you can rent them on a monthly basis and that gives you the flexibility to move away when you need to expand, or maybe look for London desk space for rent in another area. 

 • Costs – Paying for your London office space on a monthly basis means that you can keep control of your budget and you know you won’t have any unforeseen expenses, like repairs to the photocopier, or hiring a venue for a conference. This is because you can rent a serviced London office space, which will include use of office equipment and facilities. 

• Immediate start-up – If you choose to rent serviced London office space, all you need to do is pay the monthly rent, charge up your mobile and plug in your computer. You can focus entirely on what is important – your business. 

• Contacts and Networking – The other advantage of renting desk space, is that you when you get to know the other people working around you, it might lead to valuable contacts and networking opportunities. There are plenty of office or desk spaces to rent, both in Central London and nearby. Don’t work from home, get yourself out there.

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