Establishing a London Office at a Fraction of the Cost

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 22nd August 2013

Establishing a London Office at a Fraction of the Cost

You’ve got a ball park figure of around £200,000 a year. Once you’ve signed the lease, you’ll have to spend time shopping for office furniture and equipment and waiting for the telephone company to install the phone lines and internet connection. When you’re furniture is in place, the electricity is on, the computers are plugged in and the telephones are connected, it’s time to look for a receptionist and or, a secretary. Finally, when everything is in place you’ll be able to start work, after losing one or two months of your valuable time and money.

Save money with cost effective London office space

There is a better way. It’s cost effective, fast and hassle free. Renting London office Space can save you money, time and stress. On average you will save anything between 50% and 70% on the costs of leasing a London office space. Monthly costs vary depending on location, but you can rent a central London serviced office space for around half the cost. Finding an office space you like and paying the deposit and the monthly payments can be completed within days. Once you’ve signed the contract, all you need to do is plug in your computer and start work. You don’t have to worry about the electricity, the phone or setting up the office. A London serviced office space will supply everything you need. Even secretarial and IT support is usually available on a pay as you use basis. Being able to run your business from a good location and in a modern, well maintained building will give your customers a good impression when they visit you. Central London office space is close to all transport connections and this is important if you have customers coming to see you from different parts of the country, or even abroad. Renting a London serviced office provides a lot more flexibility than a lease. You might start off only renting one desk and a small amount of floor space. If your business expands you can then rent more desks and more floor space, either in the same building or at a different location. That’s the beauty of renting serviced office space in London; you rent what you need with the option of paying for other facilities, such as conference rooms, or more desks and floor space, only when you need them. There’s no wasted money, resources or time. A London serviced office space is the perfect solution for a growing business at an affordable price.

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