Cherry Pick your Ideal London Location

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 18th October 2013

Cherry Pick your Ideal London Location

Budget Square Feet or Desks

If your business is small, but growing, you might only need a desk for yourself, or you might be part of a small team of two or three. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend a great wad of cash on office space you might not need yet, so a Serviced Office is a great way to get out into the world of work and enable you and your partners, if you have them; to keep your money for more important things.

If you’re thinking about working in London then you’ll have an enormous choice of Serviced Offices. First of all work out your budget and then you can pick your location according to how much you can afford.

Most Serviced Offices are rented out per desk or per square feet. The average office space for one person is between 75 and 100 square feet. Therefore if an office is available to rent at £65 per square foot, multiply it by the space you need, say 100 square feet, and divide the result by 12, you then have your monthly rental, which in this case would be £542 a month. It’s the same for the number of desks, although you should check how much space they are using per desk.

Location is also very important when you’re looking for a London office.  You need to be where there a good public transport connections, or decent parking and you might want to be in the same office as other people who have similar businesses. If you’re a techy you’ll love the buzz at Silicon Roundabout, if your business is in the banking or insurance world, Canary Wharf’s a good bet and if you’re a creative type, you’ll love the East End.

The most expensive areas of London are St. James Park and Knightsbridge, and you should expect to pay something in the region of £130 per square foot. The middle end of scale in somewhere like Kings Cross or Euston, will cost around £64 per square foot and at the lower end; you can find somewhere like Waterloo for about £52 per square foot. Just outside central London, in places like Battersea and Ealing, prices are even lower.

Desk prices are basically the same as square footage costs. A desk in Mayfair can cost up to £1,000 per month, in Kings cross this will drop to £550 and in Waterloo you can rent a desk for about £350 per month. Again, in Battersea and Ealing desks can be found as low as £200 per month.

That’s the beauty of Serviced offices, because you pay on a monthly basis you can budget to work in a better location, than if you were paying out for a lease and a good London location can really give your business a boost.