5 Great Team Lunchbreak Ideas

Posted by: Victor Pardis on 27th November 2015

5 Great Team Lunchbreak Ideas


People make businesses and the general opinion is that a happy and combined workforce is a productive one.

Many managers will have probably tried some form of wacky team bonding exercise at some point - Ricky Gervais with a guitar in The Office springs to mind! However, something as simple as arranging things for a team to do on their lunchbreak together can have a hugely positive impact on morale and team cohesion.

We’ve put together 5 great team lunch break ideas that we strongly recommend you experiment with your team. They work for us and we’re sure you’ll have success with them too.


1 – Go for a walk

One of our favourite team lunchbreak activities is to go for a walk around the lakes. Getting some fresh air and stretching your legs for an hour is quite therapeutic and it offers the perfect change of scenery for our staff to get away from the desks and clear their mind.

We even order lunch for the group, so if the weather is nice we will sit together in the park and eat lunch, and even spend a bit of time out of the office and work as everything is accessible via the cloud.

Overall this one is a pleasant experience and it helps staff to not only relax but to get to know each other in a more personal way as well.


2- Watch a movie or TV series

We’re lucky enough to have a large meeting room with a TV in it, so one thing we love to do is spend lunch watching a movie or TV series as a team. Most TV episodes run for about 45 minutes, which is perfect for a lunchbreak, but for movies we tend to spread them over a couple of days.

The best thing about watching TV together is that everyone in the office now has one thing in common other than where they work. Whether its Game of Thrones or Gotham, the team are constantly discussing what they think will happen in the next episode.


3- Play video games

We have a TV and an old games console in our breakout area, and nothing instills friendly competition within the team like our Mario Kart League. It’s fast, furious and creates a jovial atmosphere within the team.

Whether it’s Mario Kart, FIFA or something else. If you can get your hands on a games console and a few games you’ll certainly be able to make some lasting team lunch break memories.


4- Working lunch

Sometimes a standard meeting in the meeting room just doesn’t quite cut it. 

We like to get those creative juices flowing and get everyone in a relaxed environment. With this in mind, if we have a meeting coming up that requires collaboration and abundances of creativity we’ll take a trip to the Thai café or bring our lunch to the meeting room.

Food and drink helps to get those creative juices flowing!


5- Go to the gym

Fitness is important and some of us like to go to the gym together on lunch breaks.

Whenever people go to the gym they’ll have some sort of fitness goal in mind and we love that our team are working together to help each other achieve goals that exist outside the workplace. We have found that the relationships generated through working out at the gym together have helped our team work a lot better together inside the office as well.

Teams from other companies have also been seen doing keep fit classes together, so there’s some friendly competition as well as additional relationship building.

We hope that you find these team lunch break ideas as useful as we have. Give them a go and let us know how you get on by leaving a comment in the box below.